Our environment is calling us. Remember we are all part of our planet. Save the Earth, because it is our home, and we cannot move to another.

Alberto Usobiaga S.
Founder of "Los Guajes Nursery"

Located in Casa Macaria’s premises of you will find her ‘baby brother’: Los Guajes Nursery. It is open for our guests’ visits providing an opportunity to learn about our sustainability system and ecological renewable technology.
Casa Macaria and Los Guajes Nursery is a small step towards the right direction.

Renewable Energy

All our plants’ irrigation is powered by sunlight and wind. Plants serve as food, building materials, and many other purposes. We cannot forget plants allow us to stay alive, provide oxygen and sustenance, but they are also an essential player in ‘Nature’s Art’. At Casa Macaria and Los Guajes Nursery we support leaving non-renewable energy and pollution sources behind.


Lets use irrigation water full of life!

Our project uses water pumps powered by solar panels and wind power generators. The underground water that flows towards the sea splashes the plants and later joins our ‘big brother’, the Pacific Ocean.

Irrigation Tank / Natural Pool

Goodbye chlorine and chemical contaminants. The Irrigation Tank at Los Guajes Nursery, which also functions as a pool, is filled with water filtered from a pond that only uses aquatic plants to purify the water. The water leaves the well through pumps provided with renewable energy and reaches the filtering pond plants – water lilies reminiscent of Monet, papyrus – of Cleopatra? - bamboos, heliconias, amongst others - where they are responsible for removing the waters’ impurities. Once clean, due to the force of gravity, water passes through layers of gravel and sand, pushed down by Newtonian force into the tank. Hence irrigation: boosting greenness.

Kitchen Waste and Wastewater:
Fertilizer and Irrigation

All waste is recycled at Casa Macaria. A wastewater treatment plant and a bio-digester manage to cleanse the households’ wastewater in order to discharge risk free water for irrigation. Food waste from the kitchen is also recycled: citrus becomes coal which encourages the spread of microorganisms in plant’s roots allowing them to efficiently absorb the soil’s nutrients; meats become ashes that enrich the compost produced by all other remains (with the help of our friends the earthworms), producing an excellent fertilizer.

Solar water heaters

for those who prefer hot water to bathe.

Cross ventilation

in the rooms, which eliminates the need for air conditioning.

Plant Propagation, Restoration of Eroded Land

This is Casa Macaria’s / Los Guajes Nursery vocation summarized. Both are constructions that show an absolute respect to the habitat, restoring wetlands that have been converted to plantations, now useless for agricultural use. We have to give back to Nature what she has given us.

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